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Cash For Candy (well sort of)

November 10, 2010

“Candy….the fabric of our lives.” – Diane Campbell

With the holidays fast approaching, we want to let you know that we are ready, willing and able to make every event more fabulous with our candy. For those of you with cushy jobs that have an actual budget for a holiday party, we’re recruiting you to make it your mission to have us be part of your celebration. We can provide a fully stocked and staffed candy cart, set up the candy bar of your dreams, or do fabulous candy favors for parties of 10 to 10,000. We can match the colors of candy to your company logo or keep to pretty much any theme imaginable. Now, for the best part: as an incentive for your hard work and dedication to us, we will be paying you… in candy, that is. If you are successful at your mission and your company books our services for an event, we will show our appreciation to you with a gift certificate to our store.

But wait, there’s more… We don’t just do corporate parties; we do events of all kinds: weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, baby showers, backyard barbecues, you name it. So tell your friends, your neighbors and even that stray cat that lives behind your building about us and all the wonderful things we do, and if any of them winds up using us for an event, that gift certificate will be yours.

Here are the glorious details… As soon as the event is booked and we receive a deposit, you will get a gift certificate for 10% of the total value. So consider this: if your company books a candy cart event for $3,000, you have a $300 gift certificate in your pocket! That’s enough to buy all of your closest friends’ holiday gifts, or to fill your bathtub with gummies. You choose…

Now, get to work!

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