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October 21, 2010

The most frequent question we get asked is, “What’s your favorite candy in the store?” Well, it’s not always so easy to answer. Sometimes I’m in the mood for sour candy, while other times it has to be chocolate. I also tend to get very attached to items that are short-lived or seasonal (like pumpkin spice caramels, which are only available for 6 weeks a year) and to new products that I’ve worked very hard to get. With that disclaimer, then, here are the current top five for Brian, Liana and me…

1. FAVORITE GUMMI (sweet or sour)

Diane: Sour gummi pumpkins – I’m all about consistency and these are perfect! I also love their tangerine flavor – reminds me of licking my finger and sticking it the tang jar, when I was a kid.

Brian: Gummi sneakers. I love all of our Spanish gummies, but these are my favorites.

Liana: If it’s sour, it’s got to be the sour snagx – the texture is great and it’s the most sour gummi we have. In the non-sour category, I love winegums, so chewy.


Diane: Peanut butter toffee – forget Reese’s, this stuff makes that stuff taste like dirt.

Brian: Chocolate-covered raspberry jelly rings from Joyva. Straight outta B’klyn…

Liana: So tough, but whenever I make a bag of chocolate to take home with me or to travel with, the chocolate toffee caramels and organic toffee pistachios are always in there.


Diane: Mallo Cups. They were my favorite candy ‘bar’ as a kid and then one day, they were nowhere to be found. I think part of the reason I wanted to own a candy store was so that I could have a Mallo Cup anytime I wanted to.

Brian: My choice is only half old school: it’s the Clark bar. NECCO recently changed the formula, improving the quality of the ingredients, and in my opinion it is even better than before. Not all change is bad.

Liana: Bit-O-Honey – it was one of the candies that I remember sharing with my Grandpa as a kid. After school, we’d sit on the porch and share bites of the bar and talk story. If only life were still as simple.


Diane: Ginger Elizabeth’s Crispy Coconut Kaffir Lime Dessert Bar. I’m so glad these bars aren’t inexpensive, because if they were, I’d eat one everyday.

Brian: Rococo Chocolates’ Earl Grey Tea Bar. Dark chocolate and Earl Grey tea were meant to be together.

Liana: While I think all of the bars that Diane selects for the store are superb, Ginger Elizabeth’s crunchy gianduja bar is tied with Bon Bon Bar’s caramel nut bar. It’s pretty obvious that I like that salty/sweet/crunchy combo (best idea ever!)


Diane: It’s a tie….Bon Bon Bar’s caramallow and V Chocolates box of salted caramels. Liana just sent me her answers and I laughed because we have the same one. They both have a ‘cult’ following at the store as well. Let’s just say, the store is not a pleasant place to be, if we’re out of either one of these. It gets ugly. Real ugly.

Brian: Hope and Greenwood’s Cinder Toffee. We import this directly from one of our favorite stores in London. Don’t be confused by the name, America: it’s what we call sponge candy or honeycomb. And it’s delicious.

Liana: Hands down tie between V Chocolates salted caramels with pretzels and Bon Bon Bar’s caramallows (see what I mean about the salty/sweet/crunchy?)

What are your top fives? I would love to know!

- Diane

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  1. Lisa Hummel October 25, 2010 @ 10:06 am

    Our family favs:
    Gummi – Percy Pigs!
    Bulk – Toffee Pistachios
    Old School – Fun Dip
    Artisan – Tie: Bon Bon Bar’s caramel nut bar and Ginger Elizabeth’s Coconur Kaffir
    Indulgence – Bon Bon Bar’s caramallows, easily the best thing in the whole entire world. But Greenwood’s box of truffles a close second. But V Chocolates salted caramels with pretzels are amazing too – ok, new category:
    Best Gift: V Chocolates salted caramels with pretzels.

  2. Catherine November 7, 2010 @ 11:48 am

    1. Gummi: I love the gummi sneakers, as well as the winegums. If only Diane would let me pick out just the pear flavor out of the jar…

    2. Bulk: It would have to be the licorice rockies for my pick of favorite bulk candy. When I lived in London, I would always go to Harrod’s candy section and buy them because they were so good. It is hard to find them in the States, and when you do, they are never soft. Yay Candy Store for hooking me up!

    3. Old School: Fun Dip!! In an attempt to make me well rounded, my parents made me play t-ball (yes kids, t-ball) when I was 5 years old. I was the only girl on the team, and the only way my parents could get me to go was the promise of candy from the concession stand after the game. Nothing says team dedication like 3 kinds of artificially flavored sugar with two candy sticks.

    4. Artisan: I cannot remember the name for the life of me, but it would have the be the chocolate bars with toffee and river salt. OFF. THE. CHAIN.

    5. Indulgence: Chocolate covered potato chips. Enough said.

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