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Road Trip

October 11, 2010

Brian and I took a road trip to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara last week, to celebrate our anniversary. We’ve been trying to get back down to LA for some time, as so many people have been urging us to open a second location there. We did get a chance to check out a few neighborhoods; unfortunately, it was raining during most of our trip, resulting in virtually zero foot traffic (not that LA is known for foot traffic) and empty stores. Our friends who live there told us that when it rains in LA, no one goes out. I guess it’s true, because when we went out one night to hear some live music, the singer thanked the audience for coming out and “braving the storm” – it was drizzling. At best. Needless to say, we’ll have to go down another time, to get an accurate sense of what neighborhoods are like in fair weather.

A few highlights of our trip were spending time with our amazing friends, eating some really delicious food, visiting a few old-school candy shops and the beautiful drive along the coast.  Oh, and we had several celebrity sightings, something I shamelessly live for.

- Diane 

Vintage Candy Kettle at Edelweiss Chocolates Dan Tanas Little John's Candies  Skater's Point LA Hotel Roof  Live Sea Urchin   Aebleskivers in SolvangCactus Fruit

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