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Gifts for the Licorice Lover in Your Life

December 13, 2009

We all know one. Perhaps you can’t comprehend it — you yourself might loathe the stuff. Maybe it’s the Swedish girlfriend, maybe it’s the world traveler who first encountered the insane variety of black licorice at an Amsterdam market, maybe it’s the father who grew up on Switzer’s back in the day. They are licorice lovers and proud of it. At our store, we’ve found that the people who love licorice really love it — they seek it out, they’ve got to have it.

So, now that you’ve got a mental picture of the licorice lover in your life, what do you get that person for Christmas? At The Candy Store, we’ve got many options, but let me suggest two of my favorites. First though, you’ve got to ask yourself: has your licorice lover been naughty or nice?

Our Famous Licorice Collection If the answer is nice (and generally I’ve found them to be pretty agreeable people), then there is no better gift than The Candy Store’s Licorice Lover’s Collection. It consists of six half-pound bags of our most popular black licorice, nicely tucked into one of our gift boxes. We can package it as pictured, so that you can present it to someone on Christmas morning, or we can close up the box and ship it to the licorice lover you know on the other side of the country.

Coal Candy - For the one who didn't behave... On the other hand, if you feel they’ve been naughty, then you might consider giving them a bucket of coal for Christmas. Of course, at The Candy Store, buckets of coal happen to contain delicious licorice hard candy. Made by one of our favorite confectioners, this coal candy comes complete with a “scuttle” and a miniature hammer for breaking up the chunks. It makes a unique and fun gift, and the candy itself has a pure, sweet licorice flavor that, unfortunately, might just encourage them to continue to misbehave…

Whatever you decide, I can guarantee you’re going to make someone very happy this holiday season.

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