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New Fall Window And Candy

September 16, 2009

Fall is here and the newest crop of candy corn is adorning our front window. 45 pounds of it to be exact! It’s pretty awesome, if I say so myself. And I can say so, since it was all Brian’s idea and he did most of the work to bring it to fruition. Many more [...]

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School’s In.

September 10, 2009


It’s that time of year again. Time for heading back to class. For some of you it may be your children, your nieces and nephews, or maybe even you are on your way to higher learning. Many schools are back in and others are starting soon. What better way to brown-nose let your teacher [...]

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Bringing Hawaii to the Bay, via NYC.

September 3, 2009


If you have been by the store recently or have been keeping up with our blog, you’ll have noticed that Diane and Brian returned from a trip to New York City a couple months ago. While there, they attended the Fancy Food Show and found a few new goodies to bring back to the shop [...]

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