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Claudio Corallo: A Totally Different Kind of Chocolate

August 19, 2009

Unlike any other chocolate on the marketThe plantation

Claudio Corallo Chocolate is the newest addition to our selection of premium chocolate bars. A truly artisanal product from a truly original producer, Claudio Corallo’s chocolate is unlike any we have ever tasted before. What makes his product so unique?

Unlike most other chocolatiers, Claudio Corallo actually lives on the plantation where his cacao is grown, supervising every aspect of his chocolate’s production. His is one of the world’s only plantation-to-bar operations, and the quality of the final product is a testament to Claudio’s vision and persistence. The plantation, Terreiro Velho, is located on the small island nation of S√ɬ£o Tome e Pr√ɬ≠ncipe, just off the western coast of Africa. When Claudio first purchased the plantation over a decade ago, it was completely abandoned and overgrown. The cacao trees that had been planted by Portuguese settlers in the 19th century had long since blended into the surrounding rainforest and were growing wild. Claudio painstakingly rehabilitated the plantation, selecting and cultivating the best plants for chocolate production.

It is often said that the world’s best wine is made in the vineyard, meaning there is little that a talented winemaker can do to improve poor grapes. Oddly, the same standard is not generally applied to the making of chocolate. Cacao beans are often shipped halfway around the world in less-than-optimal conditions in order to be made into chocolate, and chocolate makers employ a number of techniques to minimize the “off” flavors of inferior or poorly handled cacao. Cladio Corallo takes the opposite approach, believing that, first and foremost, chocolate should be about the taste of the cacao bean. His chocolate is minimally processed, without conching, and without the addition of lecithin or flavorings such as vanilla. As a result, his bars have a more rustic texture than most, as well as a pure cacao flavor that is intense and bears little resemblance to most chocolate bars we’ve come to know.

At the store, we’re currently selling his 75% dark chocolate and his 80% dark chocolate with sugar crystals. If you are a fan of artisanally-produced chocolate, you absolutely have to try them.

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  1. Diane August 19, 2009 @ 9:25 pm

    Oddly, I have no palate for wine and can’t really find much excitement in an amazingly sourced and produced wine…but chocolate on the other hand…

    Fine chocolate that’s grown right and made right…can’t wait to try it!

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