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Cool Mints

February 1, 2009

New to the store are two peppermint candies we absolutely love: Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls and Summerdown Farm’s Chocolate Peppermint Creams, both of which hail from England.  

Summerdown Farm’s pure mint peppermint creams are made using rare,  single-estate English peppermint oil, grown and distilled on their farm located in the foothills of the Hampshire Downs.  The type of mint they use, Black Mitcham, had nearly disappeared from the UK before they began to cultivate it in an effort to revive traditional, authentic English foods. The combination of the candy’s cool creamy fondant center and rich dark chocolate exterior is a real treat. 

Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls are made the same way they were back in 1898 when they were first introduced on the streets of Lancashire.  The delicious hard candies have only three ingredients: peppermint, pure cane sugar and cream of tartar.  

If you like peppermint and only the best ingredients, you’ll love these confections.  Come on by and try one.

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  1. Cathy February 23, 2009 @ 10:13 pm

    Oh my God – I’m coming back in for these. I LOVE peppermint creams, and knowing your excellent taste in candy, I bet these are spectacular.

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